Tip 9: Pair wines with cheeses of equal intensity and regions

The secret to creating perfectly balanced pairings is to always pair wine with cheeses that are of equal intensity. This means light cheeses should go with wines that are crisp and dry. Bold cheeses should go with wines that are strong and robust.

For example, a fresh, clean-tasting cheese like Mozzarella tends to be enhanced by elegant white wines with delicate flavours, while intense, full-bodied red wines are better suited to handle cheeses with bigger, more intense flavours like a Balderson 5-year-old Cheddar. 

As well, wine and cheese from the same region or “terroir” make excellent pairings since they share similar qualities. 

For example, cheese from the Basque region in France will pair beautifully with a Basque wine. Similarly, a Pecorino Toscano will be a perfect match for a Chianti Classico, whose black fruits bring out hidden herbal notes in the cheese, while a sweet and savoury Manchego will pair nicely with a ripe, fruity Spanish wine like Garnacha. 

Pairing wine and cheese from the same region is also a great way to treat your guests to a regional tasting experience.