Tip 5: Slice them right!

Cheese cut incorrectly is still delicious cheese. But when you’re putting together a carefully crafted cheese board for guests, understanding how to slice each type correctly will make their tasting experience that much better. When you’re showcasing cheese on a board, it’s always better to cut a few slices to help get your guests started. It also gives them an example of how each cheese should be cut.

Spreadable cheeses

Spoon soft, runny cheeses into small bowls and keep a spreader nearby so guests can smear the cheese on baguette or crackers. This goes for cheeses like fresh goat cheese, Président Brie Spread and Turkish labneh. 

Soft cheeses

Use a butter knife or a small paring knife to cut the cheese lengthwise into triangle-like wedges. This goes for soft cheeses like Président Camembert and Brie.

Semi-firm cheeses

These should be sliced with a sharp chef’s knife or a cheese planer that you drag across the flat surface of the cheese to create sheet-thin slices. This goes for semi-firm cheeses like Emmental and Gruyère.

Hard cheeses

Some cheeses can be tough to slice through. For harder varieties, it’s best to use a cheese cutting wire which will help you glide right through the paste. This goes for hard cheeses like Président Comté, Parmesan and Cheddar.

Blue cheeses

When it comes to this nose-tingling hunk of cheese, it’s best to just chunk it out using the tip of your knife to break the cheese into bite-sized nuggets. This goes for blue cheeses like Société Roquefort and Président D’Auvergne Portions.