Tip 4: Pair appropriately

The breads

Stuffed breads and strong, flavourful crackers can overpower the beautiful flavours and aromas of your thoughtfully selected cheeses. Instead, reach for plain-tasting bread like baguette, seed crackers, breadsticks, or lavash bread, which will really make your cheese sing.

The accompaniments

Now for the fun part: the accompaniments. This is where you want to let your creativity shine. Don’t just go for the typical pairings. Get out of your comfort zone and go for sweet and savoury accoutrements like green and black olives, fruity chutneys or preserves, mustards and tapenades. Cured meats like Prosciutto di Parma, Saucisson Sec or Serrano ham also make a great addition.

The palate cleansers

Don’t forget to add a pop of freshness! Apples, pears and purple figs always make for perfect palate cleansers, especially after eating a salty or rich and buttery cheese.